PCB Assembling

PCB Assembling Service

Apart from PCB manufacturing, we provides PCB Assembly services for prototypes & small series pcb’s. By combining expertise in PCB fabrication and assembly, our engineers are able to work with their customers to optimize the manufacturability of new designs.

For the customer this means a higher quality and more robust end-product. As any manufacturing issues are ironed out before production starts, our new combined operation ensures that even the fastest delivery requirements are met on schedule every time. Our assembly services are process oriented and high quality, giving the best possible repeatability.

The new service marks our ongoing commitment to our customers. We are continuously looking to develop new opportunities to enhance their products and save their time and money.

Some Assembling Ways :

* DIP Soldering Stations.

* Complete Anti-static setup.

* RoHS Compliance followed

* Following IPC-610A Class 3 procedure.

* Qualified Quality Assurance.

* PCB Repairs & Maintenance.

* Fine Pitch Soldering support