PCB Etching Machine

iJTET-05 Etching Machine


We are the leading manufacturer of small PCB processing tanks which are used with great success in both Industry and Education. The successful proven design features self contained units each of which are free standing and will accept boards up to 320 x 260mm (12.6″ x 10.23″). Each unit is formed in two parts, the high density polypropylene inside tank being injection molded as a single piece. This method of construction has proved to be far more efficient than the old method of welding together several vacuum formed parts which by design gives inherent danger of leaks from joins. This one piece design is an important safety feature which should be considered when choosing PCB tanks.

This inside tank has an integral top surround, which secures over the second of the two parts, an outer made from 6mm Polypropylene using our CNC machine and advanced plastic welding techniques. A splash proof lid with full length board holder mesh covers a working area of 5 litre capacity. The board holders feature yellow side clips which can be secured to close the sides of the mesh when very small boards are being processed. For added safety the inside tank is bolted to the outer case at the bottom of the unit. This must be removed before access to electrical components. Where applicable, the specially developed 500 watt heater with protective silica sheath is externally mounted in the tank, as is the thermostat sensor.

The heater is fitted with an internal re-settable safety device to protect the tank if it is inadvertently turned on without any liquid in. All splash proof electrical controls including a variable thermostat setting are located in a recessed panel on the case front, which prevents liquid getting in contact with the electrics. We also recommend that all tanks are used with a RCD power break device.

Etch and Wash

An improvement over a standard Bubble Etch Tank. This unit is the same as Bubble Etch Tank with the addition of an integral spray wash tank. The spray wash is solenoid operated and all electrical controls are on the front panel. Connections are provided at the rear for drain and cold water requirements. The integral spray wash tank offers safer and more efficient etching of boards than a standard bubble etch tank and being wider also gives greater stability. Complete with an IEC socket and supplied with 2 metres mains cable with moulded 13amp plug and a syphon.


Width 275mm X Depth 525mm X Height 380mm.