PCB Drilling Machine

JTDR-10 Drilling Machine


This PCB Drill machine has a drilling capacity of 13mm in 60 Kg/mm2 (40 ton) steel. The spindle is driven by a flat endless belt over stepped pulleys. The upper portion of the cover can be raised to facilitate changing over the belt, whilst the lower portion, locked by a cross nut, slides to take up the belt tension, The spindle, rotating in adjustable ball bearings, is mounted in a hardened and ground quill carefully lapped into the drilling head. The drilling lever, adjustable for length & Position, actuates the movement of the quill. The head is raised or lowered on a cylindrical column equipped with rack, the total travel of 340mm being effected by a cranked handle inserted in the face of the machine. The method of displacement employed prevents the head from descending under its own weight and a clamping system locks it to the column. Adjustment of the drilling depth is affected by means of a scale and graduated drum.